Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Sad Alien Man: The Apotheosis Contingency: The Movie

This is going to blow your minds right up, right here.

I am pleased with this, a lot! I usually am when I do some colour work of some description. Especially since I've discovered that using a high-opacity brush in Photoshop is much easier with a tablet than marking out areas with the lasso.

The actual drawing's not great (his face is way off-model, especially when compared to my original concept sketch), but it started out as an exercise in working out some 'civvy' clothes for the guy, and nailing down a dress code for the universe he inhabits. Turns out, if you take clothes from our own present day and add kneepads, it becomes SCIENCE FICTION. I might still put some more effort into that sorta thing, but I can't imagine believable characters slobbing about and watching TV in sci-fi jumpsuits, so it'll take some finesse.

Just a couple more notes: if you click the picture for a bigger view, you might notice I've given him kind of a froggy/orangey mottled complexion, which I hope works. Also, I've done a cheating coloured outline - cheating in that I just pasted the line art over in a different colour, instead of repainting the lines the colour of the shape they're around. Or whatever. Maybe next time.

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Anthony Hope-Smith said...

This lovely! Great choice of colours, man! You got the hang of that in about five minutes!