Monday, 2 August 2010

Paperclip Jones #4

This only took me two hours! Well, two hours and ten months since the last one. But after I got over that whole no-action-for-nearly-a-year hump, it was barely any time at all.

No Sugar, Sherlock

I'm really enjoying Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss' new Sherlock series. Yet more evidence that someday Moffat might save British television. Or at least the BBC's output.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Brotherhood of the Leaky Boot

This is what's been taking up all my time for the last Nearlymonth and will continue to feel the full force of my love and effort for the next month and a week at the Edinburgh Fringe! Promotional material below, all wrought by my own fair hand. Show info here: COME SEE IT FOR FREE! (A bargain at twice the price)

Back of the flyer!

Front of the flyer!

The poster!

If you're thinking we're an attractive bunch of young men with some exciting new ideas, then you are a very astute person.

Edinburgh Flyer Dump

I am having a dump all over your computer monitor, of all the design work I've been doing for various Edinburgh shows. See if you can spot how many of them selfishly credit myself for making them!

Pekarrotype, Inglorious Technicolour

I stole that joke from Paul Putner's new Edinburgh show, so sorry Paul.

Monday, 26 July 2010


Ladies and gentlemen, Harvey Pekar, jazz curmudgeon, indie comics pioneer and cultivator of fine eyebrows, 1939-2010.

A man so deserving of tribute that it made me update my blog!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Brotherhood of the Leaky Boot!

Hello you,

Very soon indeed, with the onset of the Easter holidays, my day-to-day life will be made of sketching and attempting to write this:

"Brotherhood of the Leaky Boot" is the project I'm working on for the Fringe Festival 2010 (under the auspices, and what auspices, of PBH's Free Fringe). It's award-almost-winning stand-up comedian Nathaniel Metcalfe alongside Four Sad Faces' me and Tobias Neutromino Wilson in a mixture of sketch, stand-up and live stunt weaving (if we can get the loom rights). If you want to follow our progress or have a butcher's at any of the inane rubbish that's floating around our noggins, follow us on the Twitter above. The only actual material we've got to show is a tiny drawing I've done for the Fringe brochure. So here it is!