Saturday, 20 March 2010

Brotherhood of the Leaky Boot!

Hello you,

Very soon indeed, with the onset of the Easter holidays, my day-to-day life will be made of sketching and attempting to write this:

"Brotherhood of the Leaky Boot" is the project I'm working on for the Fringe Festival 2010 (under the auspices, and what auspices, of PBH's Free Fringe). It's award-almost-winning stand-up comedian Nathaniel Metcalfe alongside Four Sad Faces' me and Tobias Neutromino Wilson in a mixture of sketch, stand-up and live stunt weaving (if we can get the loom rights). If you want to follow our progress or have a butcher's at any of the inane rubbish that's floating around our noggins, follow us on the Twitter above. The only actual material we've got to show is a tiny drawing I've done for the Fringe brochure. So here it is!