Saturday, 4 October 2008

Andrew Designed Only for Killing

If any of you haven't met MODOK, you're missing out. And if you haven't met Andrew "Grizzled Salmon" Salmond, you're missing out even more! This is the combination of the two. Feel your life improving as you gaze upon its majesty. It was originally supposed to be a gift to make up for my missing his wedding... two months ago! I am fantastic.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Sad Alien Man: The Apotheosis Contingency: The Movie

This is going to blow your minds right up, right here.

I am pleased with this, a lot! I usually am when I do some colour work of some description. Especially since I've discovered that using a high-opacity brush in Photoshop is much easier with a tablet than marking out areas with the lasso.

The actual drawing's not great (his face is way off-model, especially when compared to my original concept sketch), but it started out as an exercise in working out some 'civvy' clothes for the guy, and nailing down a dress code for the universe he inhabits. Turns out, if you take clothes from our own present day and add kneepads, it becomes SCIENCE FICTION. I might still put some more effort into that sorta thing, but I can't imagine believable characters slobbing about and watching TV in sci-fi jumpsuits, so it'll take some finesse.

Just a couple more notes: if you click the picture for a bigger view, you might notice I've given him kind of a froggy/orangey mottled complexion, which I hope works. Also, I've done a cheating coloured outline - cheating in that I just pasted the line art over in a different colour, instead of repainting the lines the colour of the shape they're around. Or whatever. Maybe next time.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Henry, The Sad Martian

"Hey Tom. Why?"
I don't know. Why not?

Henry today is sporting a development of the shading rendering I used in my first comic, heavily inspired by my greatest hero and idol, Steve Purcell. I'm thinking of developing this alien sucker's backstory and universe to do a Suitcase Nuke issue based solely around his adventures! I have so many PLANS. What do you folks think?

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Dream Casting

Re-watching some old Batman Animated Series episodes and listening to Gnarls Barkley's outstanding new album, I came up with the greatest bit of casting ever to happen. Pay attention, Chris Nolan:
Cee-Lo Green as The Penguin. No need to thank me, Hollywood, just wire me my fee.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008


Finally some new stuff. Oh, I've been sketching, I've just been too busy with comics to update the blog. Now I'm going to indulge you because I'm so nice.
Here's a page I did while I was watching Ratatouille. I would like to be able to draw like Pixar's various character designers and story artists because they are psycho art junkie geniuses. Included is a Hellboy drawing I am actually happy with!
Above is a somewhat rubbish set of sketches what I did when I was watching the film Six String Samurai. The sketches are rubbish because after 15 minutes I was enraptured utterly by the wonderful film, sent to me by Mister Peter White for my birthday. However, I later went back to Six String Samurai to bring you this...
Phwoar. Eh? Phwoar.
Then I went off the rails and drew a laughing skull and two members of the Fantastic Four. Best Thing Yet! And that's all you get because I'm just not very excited about the rest of the contents of my sketchbook.

Friday, 15 February 2008


I went nuts with the inking today, inspired by a bunch of blogs I was looking at ranging from Scott C to J Bone by way of Graham Annable. You'll notice I was inking on top of blue colerase pencil, which I've been loving. To the extent that I think I'm going to need to start doing that always, as it would probably improve my comic work no end. ANYWAY, to the sketches:
Up first is Ben Grimm once more, saying 'shorts', although it looks like it should be 'shirts'. Ah well. Also his chest is brought to you today by P Mondrian.

Eric Powell's The Goon, so surprised in the second half of the drawing that his hat has disappeared! Oh my! And since I felt I was developing something of a theme:

Some tuff guise! You'll notice an uninked Hellboy in the middle there, which is because it's rubbish and I didn't want to. I am, however, very proud of the right-hand Hulk. He's class.
Here we go. Ever seen This Island Earth? Well, there's your man with the big head and that, accompanied by arbitrary Stan Lee quotation. And because I thought things were going a bit dude-centric all of a sudden:
Lauren Bacall, ladies and gentlemen, with a lame joke stuck on as an excuse for drawing a fit woman out of the 40s and getting all fancy with the hair there.

Some satirical whatsit about the post-Iggy-Pop ideal male form. You see these sods, stalking about on their freaky stilt legs and you think 'what the hell is holding them up'? Eat parody, you emo junkies.

Monday, 11 February 2008

One hour in a coffee shop

Couple of pages of random crap done in a little notebook while getting wound up nice and tight on two big cups of coffee.

Couple of Things and a Pavarotti for good measure. The Things were interpretations (if you can call them that) of some of the sketches in this gallery, which proves two things: 1) if you want to get some juice out of a comic artist, ask them to draw The Thing, and 2) Frank Cho likes drawing buck nekkid chicks.

Some peoples in and around Costa coffee, and of course Gino. Anybody in doubt of who Gino is should hit up the relevant coffee shop chain and behold the shrines to his visage. Oddly, the drawing I'm happiest with here is the mumbling old man at the top left, who is entirely of my own invention. There's just something about him. Also Freakazoid is there.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Based on a True Story

Poster done for perpetual collaborator and all-around splendid man Tobi Wilson, for his excellent student radio show available here. And not only does the show broadcast live, it's also archived on the site! How 'bout that jazz, huh?I tried to do justice to the show's willingness to break boundaries, its capacity for discussions of any topic and music of any genre, and its unspoken love for pirates. But it probably just comes off as advocating music piracy. Ah well.

That's a very Mignola-inspired sea monster, by the way.

Yeah, I know...

Yeah guys, you can stop emailing, I know, it's been quite a few seconds since the last post and still no new sketch. Sorry, but what with work and my other projects, I just haven't been able to keep it up. I'll try to get something up soon, but I guess the schedule will have to be a little more flexible and a little less strenuous.

Sorry again guys!

A sketch every second!

That's right, everybody, you heard me. A brand new sketch on this blog every second. Everyone always says that it's important to get new stuff out as often as possible, and get pieces done quickly, so this is my incentive. Every second from the next second, there'll be a new sketch, nothing too impressive of course, but a NEW SKETCH on this page!

Watch this space!