Wednesday, 5 March 2008


Finally some new stuff. Oh, I've been sketching, I've just been too busy with comics to update the blog. Now I'm going to indulge you because I'm so nice.
Here's a page I did while I was watching Ratatouille. I would like to be able to draw like Pixar's various character designers and story artists because they are psycho art junkie geniuses. Included is a Hellboy drawing I am actually happy with!
Above is a somewhat rubbish set of sketches what I did when I was watching the film Six String Samurai. The sketches are rubbish because after 15 minutes I was enraptured utterly by the wonderful film, sent to me by Mister Peter White for my birthday. However, I later went back to Six String Samurai to bring you this...
Phwoar. Eh? Phwoar.
Then I went off the rails and drew a laughing skull and two members of the Fantastic Four. Best Thing Yet! And that's all you get because I'm just not very excited about the rest of the contents of my sketchbook.

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