Friday, 15 February 2008


I went nuts with the inking today, inspired by a bunch of blogs I was looking at ranging from Scott C to J Bone by way of Graham Annable. You'll notice I was inking on top of blue colerase pencil, which I've been loving. To the extent that I think I'm going to need to start doing that always, as it would probably improve my comic work no end. ANYWAY, to the sketches:
Up first is Ben Grimm once more, saying 'shorts', although it looks like it should be 'shirts'. Ah well. Also his chest is brought to you today by P Mondrian.

Eric Powell's The Goon, so surprised in the second half of the drawing that his hat has disappeared! Oh my! And since I felt I was developing something of a theme:

Some tuff guise! You'll notice an uninked Hellboy in the middle there, which is because it's rubbish and I didn't want to. I am, however, very proud of the right-hand Hulk. He's class.
Here we go. Ever seen This Island Earth? Well, there's your man with the big head and that, accompanied by arbitrary Stan Lee quotation. And because I thought things were going a bit dude-centric all of a sudden:
Lauren Bacall, ladies and gentlemen, with a lame joke stuck on as an excuse for drawing a fit woman out of the 40s and getting all fancy with the hair there.

Some satirical whatsit about the post-Iggy-Pop ideal male form. You see these sods, stalking about on their freaky stilt legs and you think 'what the hell is holding them up'? Eat parody, you emo junkies.


Mr A. P. Salmond, esq. said...


Hurk said...

Shmooth! So is that a brush pen you be using or a brush? Call me stupid but what is it them blue pencils do? Do the lines disapear when you squint or can you wash them off with a cloth?

Anthony Hope-Smith said...

These are wicked! Didn't know you were blogging.

Where'd you pick up the colorese?