Monday, 11 February 2008

One hour in a coffee shop

Couple of pages of random crap done in a little notebook while getting wound up nice and tight on two big cups of coffee.

Couple of Things and a Pavarotti for good measure. The Things were interpretations (if you can call them that) of some of the sketches in this gallery, which proves two things: 1) if you want to get some juice out of a comic artist, ask them to draw The Thing, and 2) Frank Cho likes drawing buck nekkid chicks.

Some peoples in and around Costa coffee, and of course Gino. Anybody in doubt of who Gino is should hit up the relevant coffee shop chain and behold the shrines to his visage. Oddly, the drawing I'm happiest with here is the mumbling old man at the top left, who is entirely of my own invention. There's just something about him. Also Freakazoid is there.

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Matt Zitron said...

Evidently Jesus also frequents Costa