Thursday, 27 August 2009

Boris Karl Orff

And there it is - some of the best inking I think I've ever done. I've also been playing around a lot with style. I'm trying to cultivate something a little more personal from the ground-up, and I think I'm getting somewhere. What do YOU think?

Here's the clean inks as well, because I like 'em:


Mr A. P. Salmond, esq. said...

Weirdly, your stuff is starting to look like a lowbrow style. You're not a million miles from the likes of Coop.

Tom Crowley said...

Wow hey, that's a heck of a compliment! Yeah, I've been channeling a lot more of that kind of stuff. Looking at Glenn Barr's pencils has been especially inspiring, they're so loose and sketchy but he comes out with a really slick finish. I've also dug out some old Dave Johnson sketchbooks for inspiration.