Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Kicking and Screaming

Hello, that title not only relates to the act of acquiescing to progress, but also suggests the kind of conditions under which I ever put anything I've done on the internet.

HOWEVER! I've just got one of those handy-dandy fancy-pantsy smartphones, with one of those facilities for taking an image and putting it on what's known, these days, as the Internet! If that's not "smart", I don't know what is. However, all this is built more around the device known as Twitter and its limited capacity for self-expression, so the bottom line is that while I'm going to try to get any big finished projects up on here, you're more likely to find tasty little nibbles like what's below at in the coming age of technological enlightenment. Hopefully this means I'll actually put something up occasionally! WE'LL SEE!?

Anyway, enough hollow promises (echoing as if from the deepest, driest well), this is a page of sketches from today, done in the Caffe Nero in Muswell Hill. Stalkers take note.

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